Welcome to Bronx Films

Bronx Films is a film/video production studio, based in Los Angeles (with roots back in NYC, of course). The Bronx Films brand also includes books, music, artwork and other products.



The Origin of Existence
Drama/Fantasy Feature (currently in development)

A struggling artist on the brink of ending it all has a religious awakening as his artwork, videos and book, based on prophetic dreams and visions, make him a social media guru sensation. But when his spiritual movement taps into forbidden secrets, he becomes entangled in a global conspiracy of biblical proportions.

The Rep
Comedy Series (currently in development)

The Rep focuses on the adventures of the ambitious yet ill-equipped Bruno Marinello, an up-and-coming talent manager, and his roster of eccentric clients, including Freddie Ford (Billy Blanks). While Bruno’s managerial pursuits, not to mention his personal life, prove to be a struggle, in his daydreams, Marinello is a Hollywood power player and an entertainer in his own right.

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